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IP Rights

We Believe That If You Buy An NFT…

You should own it.

Rather than let you wonder what your rights and privileges around ownership are in our NFT collection, we want you to know exactly where you stand and what you can do with your artwork.

See full details below…

The Basics

Intellectual Property

IP Rights – *Simplified

Every GoodFellas NFT is a unique non-fungible token (NFT) on the Solana blockchain. When you rightfully acquire a GoodFellas NFT, you own the actual token and gain the rights to use the associated art, provided you adhere to these Terms.



In accordance with these Terms and our Usage Standards, as long as you rightfully own a GoodFellas NFT, we grant you an exclusive worldwide license to utilize the associated artwork for both personal purposes (such as profile pictures, social media content, physical prints, or as your avatar in digital worlds) and commercial endeavors (such as creating merchandise like t-shirts), so long as your purpose aligns with our usage standards and is not denigrating the larger GoodFellas brand in any way.

If you intend to incorporate the artwork from multiple GoodFellas NFTs into a single commercial work, like a comic book or film featuring multiple GoodFellas, you must apply for permission and receive our approval before proceeding.



Your utilization of the Art for your GoodFellas NFT must be appropriate for all audiences. It must not be employed in any manner that misleads, creates divisions, promotes hatred, violence, substance abuse, alcohol-related products, gambling, mature themes, specific political or religious ideologies, or is otherwise unsuitable for general audiences.



For extended licensing rights, please submit an application.



Owning a GoodFellas NFT grants you access to a continually expanding set of intellectual property (IP), not limited to a single image. Our aim is to empower and inspire you to transform your GoodFellas NFT into a unique and independent brand.

GoodFellas Sneak Peek
GoodFellas Sneak Peek
GoodFellas Sneak Peek
GoodFellas Sneak Peek

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GoodFellas NFT Wordmark


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