For Artists, Collectors, Entrepreneurs And Anyone Ready To Takeover The Underground NFT Art Market.

The GoodFellas Ride Or Die

NFTs Done Right

GoodFellas NFT Is A Long Term Play Designed For Collectors By Collectors.

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Buy Quality Art

Everything We Do Is Done With Care.

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Get IP Rights

Usage Rights To Your NFTs Are Yours.

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Earn The $AU Token

Earn And Use $AU To Mint Other Collections.

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Build A Famiglia

Get Your Boss, Underboss, Consigliere, Capos, And Soldiers And Build Your Art Market.

The GoodFellas Ride Or Die

What Is GoodFellas NFT?

An Artwork 1st IP Rights Business.

NFTs are being used for everything but what they’re best at: tracking ownership.

We’re changing that.

In fact, GoodFellas NFT is a rebellion against the status quo of nonsense utilities and false promises everpresent in Web 3.

Blockchain tech was designed to give creators and holders ownership in digital artifacts. Nothing more, nothing less.

We are embracing that by building a viable IP licensing business that uses NFTs to reward Artists, Collectors, and Entrepreneurs who want real ownership and valuable lifetime rewards for acquiring and holding high quality art inside the GoodFellas Universe.


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The Premium Boss Ordinals On Bitcoin

Only 5 Ordinals Remain!
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The GoodFellas Ride Or Die

The Original 100

It Began With The Boss Ordinals

These Guarantee Collectors The Best Benefits.
Learn About The Boss Mint 


The GoodFellas Bosses

Premium Collection

Mint Or Buy On Gamma
Stake-able Via The Boss Coin | Earns $AU

Chain: Bitcoin

The GoodFellas Universe

Our Primary NFT Collections

With Each Collection Below, We Guarantee Your IP Usage Rights. 


The TwentyOnes

Limited Collection

Buy On Magic Eden
Stake-able | Earns $AU

Chain: Solana

The GoodFellas

Main Collection

Buy On Magic Eden
Stake-able | Earns $AU

Chain: Solana

Artist Incubator

Limited Collection

Buy On Magic Eden
Stake-able | Earns $AU

Chain: Solana

Earnable GoodFellas Universe IP 

Token Mints Coming Soon For $AU

Spend Your $AU And Add More Fine Artwork To Your Collection! 


To Be Announced

Saved Collection

Minted… Soon To Be Released
Earn-able With $AU

The GoodLadies

Saved Collection

Not Yet Minted
Earn-able With $AU

To Be Announced

Saved Collection

Not Yet Minted
Earn-able With $AU

Enjoy “Forever Rewards” As A Holder

“Hodl” Your Fellas And Earn $AU

Use That Earned $AU On All Future Token Mints!


Number 1

Acquire + Collect

Mint, Buy, or Trade for your favorite pieces from the GoodFellas NFT Universe.

Number 2

Stake + Earn

Stake your collectibles and earn $AU token. Use your $AU to Token Mint from all acquired IP. 

Number 3

Expand + Grow

GoodFellas is always acquiring art. With your earned $AU, you can grow your portfolio forever. 

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If You’re Serious, Build Your Famiglia

A Whole Famiglia Consists Of 100 NFTs

Each Famiglia Will Have An Opportunity To Participate In The IP Game At A Higher Level!



GoodFellas Rank

The GoodFellas Main Collection NFTs have ranks. Boss, Underboss, Consigliere, Hitman, One Of One, Capos, Soldiers & Associates.


Build Your Famiglia

A Famiglia is a collection of 100 NFTs with the following ranks: 1 Boss, 1 Underboss, 1 Consigliere, 1 Hitman, 1 One Of One, and 5 Capos… with Soldiers & Associates filling in the rest.


You Can Win Here

A good investment earns forever; much like a rental property. The same holds true here. You enter. You earn. You mint and grow with $AU. 

The GoodFellas NFT Squad Will Ride Or Die

You Ready To Eat Like A Boss?

See You At The Table

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For Artists, Collectors, & Entrepreneurs Looking For NFT Gold.