The Boss Mint

Get Your Boss, Underboss, Consigliere, Capos, And Soldiers And Build Your Art Market.

Boss In White

What’s The Boss Mint?

The Boss Mint Explained

The GoodFellas NFT project is a rebellion against the status quo. Flippers can flip off. Free shit seekers can seek elsewhere. This project is for everyone else. The forgotten few who really care about being a part of something great.

We’re looking for long term players: the collectors, quality artists, and entrepreneurs who want to build value over time by acquiring and holding high quality “Intellectual Property” or IP.

To do this, we must genuinely limit access. And, we’re using an Ordinal Mint, aka The Boss Mint, to do that.

Holding one of our Boss Ordinals tells us who’s serious about building their whole GoodFellas Famiglia… and, who we can trust with our main collection and future mints on Solana.

Think of these 100 Boss Ordinals as tickets to your stake in the largest licensable art gallery ever on chain where you as a holder own the IP Rights to anything you hold for as long as you hold it!

The GoodFellas Ride Or Die

Ordinals Popped Off 8/5/23

Only 5 Ordinals Remain.
Now Available To Mint By Invitation Only Or On Secondary At

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Only 100 Boss Ordinals Will Ever Exist

GoodFellas Launches as Bitcion Ordinals

Owning A Boss Rewards You Forever. 

Here’s How Owning A Boss Is Your Ticket To The Best Rewards For Collectors And Holders!


Number 1

Bosses Get Discounts

Priority and Discounted Mints give you the ability to acquire more pieces faster and build out your entire GoodFellas Family of earners at speed and scale.

Number 2

Bosses Earn $AU

The GoodFellas Universe token is called $AU… the chemical symbol for Gold in the periodic table. It’s short for Aurum. Why? We’re looking to acquire NFT Gold in the marketplace. 

Number 3

Bosses Mint With $AU

GoodFellas is acquiring as many collections and art as we can. And you, as a holder of the main collection earning $AU, will be able to mint those pieces with $AU.

Boss Ordinals Become Boss NFTs On Solana

Bitcoin To Sol

Your Boss Will Live On Bitcoin & Solana 

Every Boss Ordinal You Hold Will Be Created As An NFT On Solana And Given To You As A Bonus!


Boss Holder Benefits

GoodFellas NFT Icon

Owning A Boss Gets You All This


Perk #1 – The Boss Ordinal

You get started on the grandaddy chain. The one that will last forever, Bitcoin… and you own a piece of something forever inscribed to a block. Not some link to a file like on Sol or Eth.

Perk #2 – The Sol Boss Ordinal

The Bitcoin Ordinal grants a FREE airdrop of the high resolution version of the image on Solana!

Perk #3 – Ten Uber Discounted Solana Mints

The Ordinal is your ticket to 10 Solana Mints for .10 Sol cents each! So, when the 10k collection goes live on Solana, you’ll be able to mint at a monumental discount to start building your stake-able collection for pennies on the dollar! This will be important for future perks. Read them all.

Perk #4 – *New | + 10 More Ladies Mints

With the Ladies version of the artwork now properly licensed, you can add 10 more Solana Mints for .10 Sol cents each! So, when the 10k collection goes live you’ll be able to mint and really boost your staking earnings. This will be very important. See the remaining perks.

Perk #5 – Get Face-ed!

You’ll get a FREE version of your Boss NFT with an actual face! Only100 will be created for this. So, your unique NFT gets unique-er. Just another gift from the team.

Perk #6 – Odds In Your Favor

With a 100% fair mint, and only 10 Crowned Pieces in the entire collection, you’ll get a 1 in 10 chance of minting a Crowned Boss who will maintain his uniqueness on the Solana mint!

Perk #7 – *New | Two Ladies Minted

With the ladies art in house, we’re adding 2 females to the “Boss Mint”! You’ll have a 1:50 chance of minting a 1:5000 piece inside the Solana Ladies Mint!

Perk #8 – *My Personal Favorite

Minting an Ordinal gets you tons of discounted mints and a few freebies… at present it comes to 22 NFTs on the Solana Chain that will be stake-able giving you a huge jumpstart in earning free NFTs!

Stake your pieces, earn our token, trade that token for free mints on both collections! And, bosses earn double!

The Bottom Line

Buy, Stake, Earn… Then, Get Rewards

Currently, That’s up to 9000 Fellas and 9000 Lady Fellas that will be earned and dropped in exchange for $AU tokens… just for holding like a champ. Plus, we’ve already acquired two more collections that will be available shortly! We have plans to acquire at least 4 collections each year. All for our holders. All with IP rights. All unruggable because you actually own your pieces.

Stake your pieces, earn our token, trade that token for free mints on both collections! And, bosses earn double!

You Ready?

The GoodFellas NFT Squad Will Ride Or Die

Let’s Find Gold!




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For Artists, Collectors, & Entrepreneurs Looking For NFT Gold.